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privacy policy


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Data we collect


To provide you with the Yanbu N Services, we collect your data to process your purchase on the Site and any possible subsequent claims. The data we collect includes your address, name, gender, email address, postal address, delivery address, mobile phone number and payment card details. We also use the information you provide to manage your account, verify and carry out financial transactions in connection with payments you make online, and to conduct research to improve our website pages.



We at Yanbu N collect the necessary data to provide you with the services available to us. We do not store, sell, or share your personal data, which includes your credit card details and personal information, to any third party. We may change or update the site data from time to time, so we advise you to visit the policies page continuously, and the modifications will be effective starting from its update.


Account and personal data

It includes the process of recording your personal information that you provide to us to complete your electronic transactions. Your use of the Yanbu N website is evidence of your acceptance of our terms and conditions. Based on the aforementioned, the customer is the first person responsible for the protection of his account, his personal device, and all types of transactions that were conducted through his account. To protect the customer's information, Yanbu N encrypts the data, in accordance with the customer privacy policy of the Technology City Marketing Corporation. Therefore, we at Yanbu N are not responsible for any person who fails to protect his personal account or computer. Therefore, we would like to point out that if suspicious transactions are found in your account, or you are not satisfied with Yanbu N  system for processing your personal information, please contact us directly via On your account page, you will find the details of your requests that we store in your personal account for security reasons. You can also access this information by logging into your account on the site. You can view the details of your requests of all kinds, your home address, the bank, and your subscription to the newsletter. As a customer of Yanbu N, you undertake to save your personal data and not make it available to any third party. We, in Yanbu N, do not bear any responsibility in the event that the password for your personal account is leaked.



Electronic communication:

Your use of our website services states that you agree to receive our electronic messages in all forms through e-mail, periodicals and alerts announced on the website and application. Based on the foregoing, you tacitly agree that all electronic transactions transmitted to you by us are legally binding and treated as written transactions.


We have the right to monitor, record and store any telephone call, e-mail or other form of electronic communication with the customer; This is to verify the suggestions and observations addressed to us in order to develop and improve the type of service provided.


Products and customer reviews:

The customer's evaluation of our products and services entitles Yanbu N full rights and powers to re-publish them on the site or marketing means without the customer's consent.